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Find affordable venues and meeting rooms in London

Looking for the perfect venue to host your gathering, business meeting, or small cocktail? If you are and you don’t want to go above your budget, then these meeting venues should be right up your alley. The upside to these choices is that you won’t have to spend a ton of money on the. These are some of the best affordable venues in London for business meetings and conferences, courtesy of Breather. They are the best spaces to help you scale back on expenses without compromising quality.

Amba Hotel Marble Arch

The Amba Hotel Marble Arch is spacious enough to host around 692-700 individuals. The lower cost meeting room is well-equipped, featuring the necessary fixtures required to properly host any type of meeting. The main view of the hotel is Oxford Street and it is just a minute away from the famous Hyde Park and Marble Arch. All of the meeting rooms have high-speed internet, which is great for any activity that requires WiFi access.

The Intercontinental London – The O2

This hotel is situated on the well-connected and vibrant Greenwich Peninsula. The Intercontinental London is a great hotel and it has a conference center that features large ballrooms with beautiful pillars and classic décor. Accommodating up to 3000 people at a time, this space will certainly meet your needs. Even with its large capacity, it has one of the most affordable rates for meeting rooms in London. It has 20 meeting spaces, around 500 bedrooms and suites (for overnight conference and meeting needs). It also has five dining restaurants with destination inspired beverage and food.

Thistle City Barbican

Know as one of the primary locations for business meetings and conferences, the Thistle City Barbican is situated in the middle of the city. The hotel has around 14-15 meeting rooms. The largest one is The Clerkenwell Suite that can seat 170-180 people in theatre style seating. The hotel has many different room types. Some are best for seminars, while others work well for meetings and briefings. Considered one of the more affordable venues in London due to the amount charged per use, you will find that the Thistle City Barbican offers a variety of food and drink options. That includes healthy eating options for those looking to have their event catered in-house.

The Cumberland

The Cumberland is the place where you meet people, talk with them, and create all new relationships. This hotel is like no other and is the perfect destination for private functions. It has several business meeting rooms that you will find very functional. Whether you need a meeting space to start a campaign, launch a new product, or meet new clients, this hotel is a great bet. Whatever you need, the hotel makes it possible. The Ocean Room, one of their best options, has a beautiful ceiling and has panels of lights on the walls that can be adjusted according to the function and mood.

They have meeting rooms that are theatre style in which 50 people can be accommodated. 5-6 six of their rooms can seat 30-35 people. The Cumberland has four small rooms and 10-11 syndicate rooms that all seat 15-20 people. If you are in need of a more formal environment, there are three boardrooms that seat 15-16 people each. No matter what your need, the hotel will arrange it for you.

Hampton Court Palace

You will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place than the Hampton Court Palace. It is designed primarily for entertainment and it certainly impresses. Whether you are having a banquet for a grand reception or just a small dinner for a few, this hotel provides the best setting for formal events. It truly creates a royal surrounding. This is a great option for cheaper meeting rooms for great quality. Be sure not to miss their gardens, where you will find a relaxing atmosphere for your event.

Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments

The Athenaeum Hotel is an affordable venue in London for meeting and conference spaces. From the ceiling down to the floors, this hotel offers a lovely view that contributes to a wonderful ambiance for any event. Here, you can have personal dinners, business cocktails, products launches, etc. Be sure to check this hotel out before you choose a venue.

Novotel London Tower Bridge

The Novotel hotel is a modern, four-star hotel that is situated in London. It is close to St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. With free WiFi available on the premises and satellite television, this could be the perfect place to host your meeting in London. At the Novotel, you can host up to 100-150 people at a time. Their restaurant is open most of the time and can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for any meeting.

Radisson Blu Portman Hotel

The Radisson Blu Portman Hotel is considered to have one of the larger conference spaces in Central London. The hotel accommodates up to 600-700 people and is one of the best priced options available. Many of their business rooms have ceiling to floor windows that provide guests with a naturally lit environment that provides a warm welcome. All suites are equipped with exceptional amenities, just like you would expect for any meeting rooms in London. They also offer many types of equipment upon request.

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